Who’s In, And Who’s Out In Saturday’s Double Feature Of Reality Heaven?

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They broke out the flouro outfits, the double belts, leggings, and high heeled sneakers for last weekend’s 80’s themed X Factor, oh, and there was some singing too – but the first casualty has fallen, so who will be next as they enter week two of the live show?

It came as no major surprise that the first contestant voted out was Lorna Simpson from the over 25s group. Only once in the show’s ten year history has someone from the ‘older’ group gone on to win, with Steve Brookstein taking the title in the first series in 2004. Brookstein was mentored by Simon Cowell, but only had fleeting success following the win.

But although Simpson has publicly lambasted the show saying it’s rigged and the over 25s group has no chance of winning, her appalling performance of Whitney Houston’s ‘So Emotional’ really contributed to her early exit.

With another over 25 contender, Shelley Smith, also battling it out in the bottom two on Sunday night, and proving that wind machines and power ballads aren’t enough to keep you safe, the future isn’t looking bright for mentor Sharon Osbourne to finally have one of her group win the elusive title.

But there may be light at the end of the tunnel for her after 35-year-old prison officer Sam Bailey had a remarkable make-over then busted her chops to ‘wow’ the crowd and judges, and blessedly leave Nicole Scherzinger speechless for once.

Favourite for the chopping block this weekend is Miss Dynamix mentored by Gary Barlow – who just announced this is his final series, so will be keen to leave on a high note, but it’s unlikely to be this group of girls that does it for him.

And, it’s oddly reassuring to know that despite being cute, talented, and young, Luke Friend in the boys group doesn’t look like he’ll be singing for his supper for much longer on the show either.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, 16-year-olds Tamera Foster and Nicholas McDonald have cemented their positions as favourites for an outright win after solid performances, but it was group Rough Copy’s version of Phil Collins’ classic ‘In The Air Tonight’ that propelled them into title contention too.

X Factor Best Bets:

Tamera Foster Outright Winner 7/2

Nicholas McDonald Outright Winner 9/2

Rough Copy Outright Winner 9/2

Miss Dynamix Next Elimination 13/8

Shelley Smith Next Elimination 7/2

Luke Friend Next Elimination 5/1

Meanwhile, over on BBC One, Strictly Come Dancing was all sequins, frocks, and glitter balls for their love themed show last Saturday night – and ‘Brucie’ was back to hosting, missing his cues, fluffing his lines, and basically demonstrating why national treasures should be kept in museums!

Front-runners Natalie Gumede, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and Ashley Taylor Dawson danced their socks and stockings off to impress the judges and cement their places as the bookies favourites to win.

At the other end of the scale, Julien Macdonald at least showed a bit of personality on Saturday, although his dancing is yet to hit the mark making him firm favourite for elimination this weekend. On the other hand, Dave Myers has so much personality that despite one of the worst paso dobles ever witnessed on television, the popular vote could ensure he’s around a bit longer – although the odds are not promising.

But it was Vanessa Feltz who became the second celebrity to be ousted from competition. Following a limp tango with less sex appeal than a seal, she committed the ultimate sin by back chatting judge Craig Revel Horwood, and ultimately sealing her fate!

Strictly Come Dancing Best Bets:

Natalie Gumede Outright Winner 13/8

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Outright Winner 11/4

Ashley Taylor Dawson Outright Winner 5/1

Julien MacDonald Next Elimination 4/9

Dave Myers Next Elimination 6/1

Deborah Meaden Next Elimination 12/1

So with winter making its presence well and truly felt, sitting at home, staying warm, and eating a curry in front of the TV is shaping up to be the place to be on Saturday nights – and where else can you be an expert on singing and dancing, and the perfect arm-chair judge?


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